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DID YOU KNOW 800 million gallons of water are wasted every day to wash cars in the United States alone?

Each one of us at Wash Masters Car Wash is committed to preserving natural resources, so we all focus a significant part of our service on avoiding operations that waste water. Here are a few of our strategies for doing this:

  • We feature Green & Clean environmentally friendly wash solutions. Our water, chemicals, dirt and oils are PROCESSED properly through the municipal sanitary sewer system, a procedure that helps sustain our lakes and streams.
  • We use natural, renewable, earth-friendly chemicals.
  • We have implemented WATER CONSERVATION methods to preserve our most precious natural resource.
  • Each year Wash Masters Car Wash Center makes a financial contribution to the Texas Water Foundation.

Another of our initiatives that protects the environment involves recycling. We reduce the waste sent to local landfills by using recyclable packaging.